The Bird is the Word

Dan Spethmann reppin Illinois State lax, ya know about that.

List: Under armor shooting shirt, shorts and pinny. Elevation shooting shirt, shorts and pinny. A Illinois State t-shirt standard. A tight boathouse. a pair of adrenaline socks standard. A pair of warrior wraths. Killer shades. A surgeon 10 on top of a katana and a super power on top of a python. You know your jealous!

Keeping it Real Chi City

Kevin Grewe

Palatine, Il (Sub of Chicago)


Monstars/Tunesquad reversible pinnie(Suns out Guns out)

Zebra Apparel Shorts

White Sox & Bulls hats (Reppin the Chi)

Sick Shades

$60 stx goalie stick for backyard goal tending

Clutch-X on Kryptolite


The Bird is the Word

Reppin a little Illinois Lax, you know about that

this is how we do it in england

UK Lax

sick shorts and pinnie from holidays in OR

sweet pair of shades

brine kings 2 (incredible)

gamer (stx surgeon 10 + scandium pro)

How I roll

P. McCulloch

CoquitlamHow I roll in style